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Kobo Firmware 4.6

Kobo Firmware 4.6

Kobo vient de délivrer la nouvelle version de son firmware, la v4.6.9960. En fonction de votre localisation, la mise à jour est disponible ou le sera dans les prochaines semaines.

Cette version embarque les nouveautés et corrections suivantes :

Introducing the Manage Books feature:
· Under My Books, you can now select several books at once, mark them as finished or unread, remove them, or add them to collections.
· To get started, tap the ‘…’ icon in the grey bar near the top of the screen, and choose Manage books.

My Books section:
· Enjoy a cleaner layout of information, including the Filter and Sort menus.
· Access options for a book by long-pressing on its cover or tapping ‘…’ next to it.
· Jump to any section page by tapping Go to page at the bottom of your screen.

· Tap the middle of your page to open reading menus, access the Table of Contents, or adjust Reading Settings.
· If you haven’t selected a preferred font face, you’ll see the Publisher Default.
· Your screen will refresh after every chapter instead of every six pages. You can change this in Reading Settings any time.

Issues we’ve resolved:
· Archived books could remain synced to your Kobo eReader.
· Date Published was not displayed on books’ item details pages.
· The screen flashed twice when saving a highlight in an EPUB.
· Renewed OverDrive books would sometimes show as expired.
· OverDrive search results did not always sort correctly.


Si je vous en parle c’est parce que la refonte de la navigation est particulièrement plaisante et réussie, mais également une amélioration du taux de rafraîchissment (une fois par chapitre en place de toutes les 6 pages).

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